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Spectrum is seeking proposals for a cloud based phone system. Deadline: 2:00 P.M. (PDT), Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Spectrum is seeking Quotations from qualified Firms, to provide proactive recruiting, job posting management, screening and interview scheduling. Deadline: 2:00 PM PDT Wednesday, August 10

The highlighted section was updated since initial posting.

Click the video below to view "The Story of Stuff Project" about Spectrum Community Services' Senior Meals Program and how we ditched disposable, one-time use containers and switched to reusable dishware.

We are very excited to announce our New Spring/Summer Cycle Menu. The feedback and surveys received over the last several years influenced many of the changes. We hope you will enjoy the updates.
Here are some features we hope you will appreciate:

  • Kept many of the entrées identified as favorites while introducing nine (9) new entrée dishes, and several new side dishes.
  • Increased variety of vegetarian options with at least one vegetarian meal served every week.
  • Reduced beef and pork frequency.
  • As an 8 week cycle menu, each entrée will be served only once in 8 weeks, and the cycle repeats until the end of September when we will introduce our new Fall/Winter Cycle Menu.