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Spectrum Community Services, Inc. (Spectrum) is seeking proposals for preparation of its yearly audited financial statements and related filings for the 2022/2023 fiscal year (July/June), with intent of extending a contract for a total of up to a four year period.

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Questions and Answers

A collection of questions (and answers) we've received from various invitees:

    1. What is the reason why you are going out to bid? 
      Our previous RFP ended
    2. How many journal entries were identified by your prior auditor? 
    3. Who prepares the financial statements, management or the auditors?  The financial statements that are part of the result of this audit? 
      The auditors
    4. Other than the responsibilities outlined in the RFP, are there any other areas that you rely on the auditors to perform? 
    5. How has the audit been performed in the past 2-3 years? On-site, remote, or hybrid? 
      First two years – remote.  Last year- hybrid
    6. How many days was interim fieldwork in 2022? How many auditors were assigned? 
      We went back and forth over a week after all requested documents were provided with one assigned auditor
    7. How many days was final fieldwork in 2022? How many auditors were assigned? 
      2 days of fieldwork with 2 auditors for the Single Audit
    8. What was the cost of your audit in 2022? 
      $40,000 including the tax returns.
    9. What is the size of our accounting team? How many people and in what roles? 
      One CFO and one assistant controller
    10. What accounting system do you currently use (please include version)? 
      Quickbooks Enterprise 2022 Nonprofit
    11. Have you experienced any significant changes in the business over the last year? 
      1. Personnel?
      2. Revenue/Expenses?
      3. Operations?

    12. Are you aware of any pending litigation? 
    13. At a high level, can you tell us about your operations? 
      We provide services to Seniors and residents experiencing low income in Alameda County.  This includes both Home Delivered and Congregate meals, Fall Prevention, and Utility Assistance/Weatherization of homes.
    14. What is the timing of fieldwork typically?
      Pre-pandemic, it was typically 3 days including the Single Audit testing.