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We know that families are still struggling financially from the COVID pandemic. While LIHEAP helps for PG&E and Alameda Municipal Power bills, we had not been able to assist families in need with their water utility bills until now. The new Low-Income Home Water Assistance Program is a COVID-relief program to households with a one-time payment on their drinking water or sewage bill. Assistance is in the form of a direct payment to the participating water or wastewater service giving the resident a credit on their bill.

Program overview:

  • LIHWAP can assist with only overdue water or sewage, not both, unless they appear on the same bill.
  • Priority is given to those facing discontinuation of services.

To apply: See our website for an application or call us at 510-881-0300.

Did you know?

Spectrum’s Weatherization program also helps families save water! In the last 2 years we provided and installed:

131 low-flow shower heads 290 low flow water aerators 167 water heaters