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What is “Weatherization” and how can it help me?

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Weatherization helps by upgrading a home by installing products that makes the home more energy-saving. Homes being weatherized stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The average yearly savings is over $400(1) per household.

As a federally-funded program, Spectrum can give energy-saving measures to people who meet our eligibility requirements. Priorities are placed on households with seniors (60+), disabled, and children under 6.

What we can provide: (2)

  • Heater Replacement
  • Water Heater Replacement
  • Attic and Floor Insulation
  • Window and Exterior Door Repair or Replacement
  • Low-flow Showerheads and Faucet Aerators
  • Fridge Replacement or Repair
  • Range Replacement or Repair
  • Weather-Stripping
  • Energy-Saving Light Bulbs
  • Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Microwaves
2023 Weatherization Gross Income Guidelines (3)
Size of Household Total Combined Monthly Income Total Combined Annual Income
1 $2,700.17 $32,402.04
2 $3,531.00 $42,372.00
3 $4,361.83 $52,341.96
4 $5,192.75 $62,313.00
5 $6,023.59 $72,283.08
6 $6,854.43 $82,253.16
7 $7,010.21 $84,122.52
8 $7,166.00 $85,992.00
9 $7,321.78 $87,861.36
10 $7,477.56 $89,730.72

For households larger than ten, please call Spectrum for more information.

(1) - Average household savings according to the Department of Community Service and Development. For more info go to the Department of Community Service and Development Website

(2) - Call for more information. This is a partial list of services. Spectrum Community Services, Inc. does not guarantee all services to be provided.

(3) - Income before taxes are deducted.

What the program offers:

Heater, water heater, and weatherization services every five years.

Applicants must:

  • Live in Alameda County.
  • Provide a complete PG&E bill or other electric & gas bill.
  • Provide proof of monthly income for the entire household (see table below).
  • Own the residence or get approval from the owner for weatherization services.

How to Apply:

To obtain an application for the Weatherization program:


Talk to a staff member at

Contact Us

See the Utility Services Materials page.


Pick-up is not available at this time.

Please MAIL your completed application and required documentation to:
Spectrum Community Services
P.O. Box 4317
Hayward, CA 94540